The Million Dollar Consumer Question: Where Has the Loyalty Gone?


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Program Description

Consumers are demanding more from their financial institutions than ever before. They expect tailored services that are delivered in seamless and un-intrusive ways. Because few, if any, financial institutions can deliver on that expectation, consumer loyalty is becoming increasingly difficult to win.

Individual financial accounts, products and services become distributed across financial institutions – and they become incredibly difficult to dislodge. As an industry, we have created strategies to combat this; we offer tiered products, relationship pricing/modeling, concierge-style servicing, and on and on and on. But at the core of this dilemma is a truly digital disruption:

How do you create a localized, individualized service experience that drives loyalty in a world where the physical and digital aren’t in sync?
Creating loyalty among the consumers who will improve your bottom line is about finding ways to remove the disruption between physical and digital. It’s about finding ways to predict the needs of consumers and responding to those needs before the consumer is even aware of them. Join Jackson Hataway, Ph.D., for this high energy and highly engaging session on creating loyalty (and higher product and service ratios) in an environment where disruption has become the norm.

Program Length: 90 Minutes

Who Should Attend

  • CEO
  • Operations
  • Member Service
  • Lending
  • Business Development

Meet The Presenter:

Jackson Hataway, Ph.D. specializes in organizational development, digital strategy, strategic planning, and organizational learning. He has a unique ability to couple real-world practicality with new theories of corporate growth and change. Jackson is a renowned professional speaker with numerous national awards in his ten years of speaking experience. His experience working with financial institutions of all sizes, as well as his work leading digital technology companies such as Adobe and Microsoft, allows him to bring a wealth of best practices and insight to his high-energy and engaging presentations.


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